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[ getting to know sam winchester has been a pleasure.

he's young, but he's smart, and more than that he is engaging, and that is something that too many full-time, serious students sorely lack. castiel doesn't consider himself particularly entertaining, blames his lack of friends on it rather than his own introverted tendencies, but the point remains that his peers can be so terribly boring that it's all but mind numbing to spend time around them. research labs are enough to make him want to suck his own brains out with a straw, sometimes, and that's saying something, considering his threshold for entertainment is really rather low. and there are some of them who aren't so bad, really, but it isn't like the movies make it seem, that's for sure.

still, castiel is a graduate student. he's quiet and serious, so climbing the social ladder isn't terribly important to him, but even still, sam winchester is a breath of fresh air, smart and clever and funny, with a winning smile and an incredibly active mind. interacting with him is a privilege.

it had started as a tutoring job. sam had asked for a little help understanding his physics course, and someone had directed him to castiel, who had graciously, if uncertainly, agreed to do it. he doesn't fancy himself a teacher, and he certainly didn't think he'd be very good at it, though after a stiff and uncomfortable start, sam had begun to warm to him, and castiel found that he was glad of it. he'd worried that the gap in age might have been a deterrent, but sam is friendly and more mature than any undergrad he's ever known, and they get along well, swimmingly even now that castiel has begun to open to him more, unfolding himself bit by bit as their friendship develops into something more comfortable, something less about classes and more about simply spending time with one another.

they study together twice a week, on fridays and tuesdays. sam doesn't need much help with physics anymore, so castiel brings his own books and notes, works on whatever it is that he's writing or researching while sam buries himself in biology or organic chemistry. it's nice.

it's friday today, when castiel arrives at the little house sam rents off campus, and he tightens his overcoat against the brisk spring breeze as he moves quickly down the block; it's not far from the campus, so castiel always walks. he's rounding the corner when he feels his shitty ancient phone buzz in his pocket, and finds on it a quick message from sam: Picking up pizza, hope you like extra cheese. The garage door is unlocked, go ahead in, I'll be back soon. once castiel arrives, he finds the tiny one-car garage not only unlocked, but flung open wide, filled up by a broad but sleek black classic car that castiel doesn't recognize, loud music blaring from an old, dented radio resting on the workbench. the hood is up, but castiel can't see anything past it, can't see anyone until he's stepping inside the garage itself, dark brows drawn tight, his mouth a moue of disapproval. someone is bent over the engine, obscured by the raised hood of the car, and castiel is bewildered, confused - sam hadn't mentioned company. he certainly hadn't mentioned noisy company. he clears his throat. ]

Excuse me.

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( if there's one thing he'd never pictured his baby brother needing from an academic standpoint, it was a tutor. he's never needed one before, more often than not being the one to tutor other dummies in his classes in high school, and he guesses it makes a fair bit of sense when you take into consideration that physics is a son of a bitch – and why is he taking it again?

for the hell of it. for a more rounded curriculum. i've got a focus on science, dean. physics is science.

physics is impossible.

you thought geometry was impossible, and you still passed.

well, yeah, but –

suffice it to say that it hadn't been an argument that he'd won, and he'd dropped it, because there's only so much arguing you can do with your little brother about things like string theory and keep your head on straight. he'd gotten a tutor, and he's been passing everything with flying colors, so he can't complain. let him be a nerd if he wants, because he's always been the one with the straight-up brainpower while dean has always been better with hands-on learning, and that would be why they're studying on opposite ends of the spectrum.

besides, you can only learn so much about cars from your old man if you want to end up building them from the ground up. this is way more his style than sitting in a lecture hall for the better part of three hours and expected to take notes instead of using it as naptime. ( let's just say his freshman and half of sophomore year had been a little harder on him than they'd needed to be, just because getting all of his prerequisites out of the way had involved a lot of falling asleep in class and getting smacked in the forehead a few times by several different professors.

college is hard, okay. leave him alone. )

he's never been around for those study dates, but that doesn't mean he hasn't heard all about castiel. how smart he is, what he's researching, how he's been working on his thesis for so long already that his defense should go off without a hitch when it actually comes up – and even though dean doesn't exactly get all of it ( because why would you want to be in college for longer than four years? ), he listens to all of this schoolboy-crush-gushing with a tiny smile curving the line of his mouth at the edges, nods along with all of the excitement and pretends that he has at least a loose grip on the subject matter.

sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't, but he's good enough at bluffing that he's pretty sure he's managed to get away with it.

this particular friday afternoon finds him in the garage, under the hood of his baby with grease up to his elbows. nothing wrong with her, just a little bit of routine maintenance that he's been putting off in favor of a couple of shop projects to get him through the end of the semester. sam's off who-knows-where, maybe having his playdate at the nerd's place this week, and he isn't expecting to nearly bonk his head on the underside of the impala's hood when he hears a voice he isn't familiar with.

talk about graceful.

he peers around the impala, both brows raised at the intrusion, and even though he's never so much as seen a glimpse of this so-called hot nerd, he knows that's exactly who he has to be looking at.

… hm.

not bad.
) Castiel, right? Hey. ( and here comes the flash of one of his winning smiles, eyes crinkling at the corners as he reaches for a rag to wipe his hands on. ) Sammy's told me a lot about you.

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( well, that's gonna smart later, he's pretty sure. if he doesn't end up with a nice lump on the back of his head in a couple of hours, he'll be pleasantly surprised.

now, sam has a tendency to ramble about things even on a bad day – the good days are the ones in which he gets all kinds of stories, whether about his classes or work study or the sad salad he had for lunch in the student union – so it's really no surprise at all that he's heard quite a bit about the awkward little nerd boy now standing in his garage looking about as out of place as that errant onion ring you sometimes get in an order of fries. he might have never had any intention of going out of his way to introduce himself to the guy, but now that he's finally getting a good look at him, he's a little bit glad that he'd decided to stay home and work on his baby a little before going out for the night.

castiel might have a few years on him by dint of being a grad student, but he'll be damned if he doesn't look almost small, shy and – maybe? – just this side of flustered, standing there staring at the floor like it's the most interesting thing in the world. at least while he's busy staring at grease-stained hands dean has a chance to really look him over, looking every bit the part of a student that takes his responsibility as one way too seriously. but that dark, messy hair and those bright blue eyes are enough to draw his attention for a second longer than he'd intended, and if castiel catches his gaze lingering, well. that's just going to have to be that.

The one and only. ( he briefly reaches down to retrieve a socket wrench that is precariously close to falling from the edge of the engine block and getting itself lost in a mess of wires and hoses, but then his attention is back to where it belongs. that little stutter, the way he looks like he's trying way too hard to keep from tripping over his words even more than he already has, oh … that's just begging for a little bit of teasing. ) Want a beer, or something? I'm guessing you're here for one of your little study dates, and I'll be damned if I know where Sam is, but he's gotta come back sometime. ( whoops, have a wink and a grin. )

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( ah, sam used to be like that, too. more as a teenager than when he'd finally stopped tripping over his own feet, but he still has a penchant for getting tongue-tied when he's nervous, and damned if it isn't one of the cutest things he's ever seen. castiel reminds him a lot of those earlier years, looking a bit too much like a deer in the headlights to be a member of the graduate program, but hey – not everyone can be as smooth as one dean winchester, can they?

well. they can hope, aspire to be, but there can be only one. dean is the highlander of smooth operators.

( yes, that just happened. and no, there is no coming back from it. what's done is done, and you're just going to have to deal with it. )

he plays well at being all those things castiel is currently noticing about him; all that smoothness, the ease with which he interacts with anyone around him, quick with a smile or a laugh or a stupid joke. really, it all comes from being more of an extrovert than his brother, which isn't all that difficult, truth be told – but he's always picked up where sammy has left off, making it easier on the kid without him really knowing it, and maybe he's picked up a thing or two from their dad along the way, because if anything can be said about john winchester, it's that he's the man that dean is always going to aspire to be.

whether he willingly acknowledges it or not.

he's looking forward to seeing what kind of reaction his wink merits him – and, truthfully, he isn't all that disappointed. petulance is kind of cute on the guy, all things considered, and with the way he tilts his chin up like that, it gives him a nice view of that long, pale throat, something that he finds himself gazing at for a bit longer than he cares to admit, more than he thinks he can get away with, and he breaks contact long enough to saunter over to the mini-fridge up against the far wall, bending low to reach the bottom shelf and extract a bottle.

never mind that such an action nearly bends him double, and his grungy t-shirt rides up the slightest bit in the back. never mind that at all, because it's there and gone just as quickly as it takes to right himself as he twists off the cap and tosses it into the nearby trash.
) Your loss – it's the good stuff. Never skimp on the beer. ( he raises the bottle to his lips and takes a long pull, a satisfied sort of rumble sifting up from the back of his throat as he swallows. )

Ah, good boy, Sammy … he's always had this weird sixth sense thing when it comes to knowing when I'm hungry. ( and here, there's a cheeky sort of grin, because he knows this has to be one of their study dates, and who in the world even invited you, greaser!? the nerve! ) What's he bringing back?
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( where castiel has failed in the ways of social interaction, dean has passed with flying colors; it's one of the only things he's managed without right out cheating, truth be told, because books have never been his thing, and he's always been more interested in hands-on experience. it's just how he tends to learn things when it all comes down to it, sammy had inherited the brains of the operation and dean had gotten everything else, if you ask him. the looks, the social convention … he can do it all without much of even batting an eye, and while it might be anyone's guess how he managed to be able to talk to people with such ease and finesse, here he is, all smiles and wide open demeanor.

maybe he's still unconsciously picking up where sam had left off, but he doesn't like to think in terms like that, because his little brother has come a long way as far as his social compass is concerned. leave him be, let him find his own way, that sort of thing. dean knows he'll find his way sooner rather than later –

especially if this little nerd has anything to do with it.

dean takes another purposeful, long pull from his beer and comes back around to the front of the impala, studying his work thus far. he's been working on updating things a little bit, putting some better-looking valve covers in, but forgive him for the smallest second if he's more concerned with the body that's currently taking up space in his garage. a body that –

… seems hell-bent on putting distance between them. hm. that just won't do.
) Pizza … hope he remembered the extra pepperoni. ( like it was meant for him. honestly, dean, you're too privileged for your own good.

he keeps eye contact, because he's never been all that adverse to such a thing – even if, sometimes, depending on the person keep the contact with him, it ends up feeling a little … skeevy – but he ends up looking away for a tiny moment, making a small, contemplative sound in the back of his throat.
) Actually, before you go, could you hand me that? ( he makes a vague motion to the box of tools he's left on the workbench just to castiel's left, just to see if he picks up on what he wants him to toss him, every little bit the little shit he's been accused of being before. )

I could use your help, if you don't mind …

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( they're about as normal as a set of brothers that spent too much time with each other can be; they know too much about one another, their habits, idiosyncrasies and bad habits, enough that they could probably finish each other's sentences if they ever thought to do it. ( and if it weren't, you know, dumb. ) they're considerate of themselves and each other, especially where food is concerned, because dean is nothing if the furthest thing from a picky eater when it comes to the unhealthy stuff, and now that he knows there's going to be pizza involved, he's wondering if the kid had the foresight to remember he's out of pie and is going to bring some more back …

eh. he'll see. push comes to shove he'll go out and get some himself, a whole one that is meant for him and no one else. because whoever coined the phrase 'sharing is caring' deserves to be tossed into a ditch and left for the worms. sharing is not caring. sharing is the devil.

he knows good and well that castiel is trying to make his great escape, and wouldn't you know it, he's just not ready to relinquish his hold on what could potentially be his new toy just yet. ( yeah, he's already thinking this is going to be interesting, and he can't help but to keep going with it. ) and castiel is right not to believe that he just hadn't gotten the hint, though he tries to remain impassive when the bewilderment flickers across his expression.

man … if he would stop being so ridiculously cute, it wouldn't be so much fun to mess with him a little. ( and then a little becomes a lot, and then … )
) Three-eighths socket wrench. Right there. ( he keeps pointing, making vague gestures on purpose – because he's nothing if not a bit of a twerp when he's being cute about it – and ducks back under the hood for a small moment to needlessly tighten a hose. )

Find it?

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( ah, damn. he caught on.

it's just that people like castiel have a tendency to react beautifully to having their feathers ruffles, and really, there's no malice or ill intent behind his teasing. he's quite literally just being himself, and there's not much he can do in the way of stopping himself when the ball gets rolling, so … hey, it's all in good fun, right?

still, sammy had been one of those awkward nerdlets that had been picked on a fair bit when he was younger, before he'd grown a good two feet and filled out more than dean had ever thought he would, learned how to take care of himself when it came to … well, jerks like him that rarely had anything better to do with their time than to raise a little hell.

ducking back under the hood leaves him entirely open to being startled by the sound of his toolbox being dropped unceremoniously onto the workbench, and if he jumps a bit in surprise, er. you didn't see anything. his eyes do go a bit wider, though, and he looks over at castiel with a bit of a knowing look, like damn, this ain't your first rodeo, is it?

still, it doesn't catch him off-guard for too long – and with the other in such close proximity, it's all he can do to lean in close as he reaches for the wrench he "needs," lips quirking upward in that tell-tale smirk and, oh, have another wink for your trouble, huh?


( turning back around and making it look like he's really using what he'd asked for? mhm. master of bullshittery, this one.

but at least castiel will get a nice view of his back from where he's standing, if he chooses to remain standing there long enough.

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( hey, he's so good at that sort of thing that he might as well have a degree in it – and sometimes, it's anyone's guess of whether or not he actually is working on getting that under his belt rather than mechanics. granted, he's always pleasantly surprised when someone can throw his own brand of sass right back at him, and given that tends to be his little brother and rarely anyone else?

you'd better believe this is going to get interesting.

now, dean will never pretend to know how physics works, but he knows the impala like the back of his hand – better than that, if he really thinks about it, because there just happens to be a scar skating across the back of his knuckles on the left side that he swears, for the life of him, he can't remember where it came from. but everything to do with his baby? he can't not know everything about her. not when he'd spent so much of his younger years helping their dad keep her looking sharp, clean, in the best shape a lady could possibly be in.

besides, john would never forgive him if he started slipping. he has to take care of her.

now, dean has a deep and profound respect for personal space, but the way castiel leans in and peers at the inner workings of the impala, the crease of his brow that he catches in his periphery, he doesn't bother moving away or widening what gap there is between them. more to the point, he shifts after a moment of faux-fiddling with the wrench and turns back to toss it in the box, picking up another tool that he can actually do something with. the tweak of a wire here, and then he rests both hands against the front end, smiling about as fondly as any man can about a car that is more a part of the family than any inanimate object should be.

dean winchester, you are embarrassing.

Mhm. My baby. Grew up working on her.

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( generally speaking, doing something like this wouldn't normally be on or anywhere near the list of things he would choose to do with his free time, given a choice. he does like the stars, they've discussed this already, but it's true that he doesn't think as highly of them as sam and castiel do. they're pretty little dots in the sky, that's about all he knows – none of the science jargon behind it to explain the hows and whys behind giant, distant balls of gas, and he's more than content to stay in his blissful state of ignorance, thank you so very much.

it had been kind of cute, really, the thought of the two of them gearing up for one of their nerd dates. he's been thinking recently, maybe no more than a month by now that they're already starting to act like an old married couple, taking delight in the smallest things that any normal human being would tend to overlook without any thought to it at all – and sam, he'd been so ready for this trip that dean is pretty sure he'd packed his things and had everything ready to go a couple of days prior to leaving. which just makes it even more sad that he kid's been taken down for the count by something as simple as a stomach bug, too damned nauseous to do anything but lie in his bed and whine about how nauseous he is, how the world is spinning and would dean please bring him some diet ginger ale with exactly five ice cubes?

… that last part is an exaggeration, of course, but the song remains the same. and the look in castiel's eyes when he'd thought he would have to miss out on this trip? the way his eyes had gone all round and wide, and he'd tried to hide his disappointment, tried his best to reassure sam that there would be other times, other meteor showers that they could see together –

he's gotten close enough to cas in the past months that he hadn't wanted that disappointment to stay. and of course he isn't going to understand everything that comes out of the other's mouth when he goes for an explanation, or simply goes on rambling about a certain cluster or the like, but he can certainly appreciate the beauty of it all, the things in nature that gather together to make everything on their earth just a little bit miraculous.

so the drive is peaceful. pleasant. idle conversation slipping back and forth between small stretches of silence, and it's more than enough for him to just get out and stretch his legs when they check in, when castiel reserves the time in july for him and sam to come up for themselves – and at the top of that hill, blanket laid down, dean doesn't bother the little sigh of pleasure he gives as he lowers himself to the ground, unconsciously leaving very little personal space between himself and his resident stargazer. bracing himself on his elbows, stretched out and crossed at the ankle comfortably, and while he's listening to everything that castiel says, the high point of his amusement is, as always, the animated way the other talks about something like a star going hypernova.

Isn't that what killed off the dinosaurs? ( he reaches for that half-empty beer can, takes a sip of it for himself even though the cooler he brought with them is well within reach – because the look cas gets on his face when he infringes upon little things like personal space and sharing cooties, it's all the entertainment he thinks he'll ever need, and …

well, it's kind of adorable. there. he said it.
) Some big rock smacked into the Earth and they all got turned into dust, or something?

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( ah, yep, there's that look. just the one he'd been thinking of. and if you think he's not going to grin around the mouth of the can as he brings it up to take a sip, still looking directly at cas as he does it? hoo boy do you have another thing coming!

but he does set it back down, right next to his knee where he'd gotten it, the tips of his fingers very briefly brushing against the fabric of cas' pants before he lets go entirely. resumes his previous position, lax but attentive as he speaks in almost-hushed whispers, the excitement barely contained enough that his voice doesn't carry beyond their personal space.

and really? he knows a tiny little bit about the theory surrounding the extinction of the dinosaurs – but he'd wanted to see what sort of reaction he would get if he said the wrong thing, given a bit of false information that needed fixing, and wouldn't you know that it sends him off in this tirade of a ramble in explanation, all but vomiting information almost too quickly for his tongue to keep up with it. his eyes are shining, and dean can't help but to grin at the way he leans in to whisper that last part, chuckling low and genuinely amused, rough and rumbling.
) A gamma-ray burst, huh?

( his mouth pulls to the side in a lopsided smirk, and he leans in the tiniest bit closer, eyebrows raised. )

Tell me about it. Talk nerdy to me, baby.


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( he would hope that by now, at the very least, castiel has learned that for all the little comments he makes, the expressions he gives, it's never out of any real malicious intent. he teases him, sure, but it's so endearing to hear him ramble on at length over something like stars that he almost can't help himself sometimes, or at the very least, doesn't bother trying to reel himself back in.

he doesn't see the way heat flushes over the rise of his cheekbones, but he practically hears it in the tone of his voice, and there's a sort of smugness in the curve of his grin as he briefly lets his eyes slide shut. as he gives himself a proverbial pat on the back for being able to rile him up so easily, so quickly, and over something as simple as a single word. two syllables. ( he knows that's what it is, has to be, because there's nothing else in that sentence that would have had any bearing on a reaction like that. ah, you predictable little nerd. )

dean breathes in, a slow and easy thing and lowers himself fully onto the blanket, linking his hands behind his head and maintaining his focus on the sky above, the soft glow offering just enough light to outline castiel's prominent features, the fire in his eyes and the firmness of his mouth as he delves yet again into a string of explanations.
) Black hole – I know that one. ( he turns his head, winks, laughs softly again.

and the way he describes it, it sounds … well, phenomenal. in a way that he's sure he can't describe under his own power, because he doesn't know the right words to make sense of it all, but that doesn't take away from the underlying information. sam might have been the one to initially break him into this whole science thing, but biology and astronomy are on two separate ends of the spectrum, and the way castiel talks about it all –

like it's the only thing he's ever known, the only thing he wants to know –

it's more than enough to keep him interested, to keep him rapt, even if he feels the need to chime in every once in a while with a quip or a comment to keep it all light.

So a star-born death ray could mean the end of life as we know it. ( he sucks the inside of his cheek between his teeth, makes a thoughtful sort of noise that slips out between parted lips. ) Bitchin'.

What's the general shelf-life of a star these days?

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( chances are, we won't be in the line of fire. there have to have been better ways to say that than to come right out with it, but since the moment he'd met him, dean hasn't known castiel to put things in a sugar coating. because that's not the kind of person he is, and that's one thing he really likes about him, because beating around the bush or treading lightly just so you don't end up hurting feelings isn't the way dean himself rolls. so. the blatant bottom line of it amuses him, even if he's a little disappointed at the projection.

more likely, the human race will be taken under by something far less interesting, far more redundant and mundane like global warming or another plague or radiation poisoning. the idea of being blown into not even the base molecules that make up his dna is a hell of a lot more preferable to anything boring, and if there's one thought castiel has gotten right so far – it's that he would vastly prefer burning out fast and bright and sharp than wither away to nothing. live fast, love hard, die young … yeah, that's dean winchester in a nutshell. no damned doubt about it.

he keeps right on grinning as the other settles next to him, casting a sidelong glance just to reassure himself that giddy, almost childish sort of happiness in cas' expression is staying well intact, and he hums out an almost-melodic breath, about as close to a purr as he's ever managed, just by dint of being incomparably comfortable. at peace. enjoying himself.

he feels bad, for a small second, for momentarily being okay with the fact that sam's falling sick is the entire reason he'd been able to come out on this venture in the first place. sure, it sucks for the kid, but he'll get his in july – so, of course that means dean is free to enjoy himself to the fullest, right?

up to and including enjoying more than just the presence of a certain space cadet.

… right?
) Five billion years … hell of a lifetime. ( he sounds almost wistful, like it's unfathomable to live so long, but then again he has to remind himself that they're talking celestial bodies and not human ones. there's a hell of a difference there. )

Anybody ever tell you you're kind of adorable when you start babbling all that science junk? ( he's casting another sidelong glance in cas' direction, eyes hooded, a half-smirk painted across the line of his mouth. ) Like a damn kid at Christmas.

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( the moment he'd found himself fully aware of the effect he had on castiel, he'd made it abundantly clear to himself that he was going to use it against him nearly every moment that presented itself. not out of any sort of malice – far from that, really – but he's always been the pigtail-pulling type, that obnoxious boy on the playground whose only way of conveying that he liked you was to promptly and deftly push you into the mud. the charm that he gives over in spades is the first of the attacks, things like what he's just said rolling from the back of his tongue like warm honey, the glittering of his eyes something bright and infinitely inviting.

and it may just be that castiel's lack of in-depth experience with such a matter aids in how deeply it affects him, or he may just be that susceptible, but dean hasn't backed down yet, and he doesn't plan to. not in the slightest.

it may be dark, dim, but he swears he can see the flush of heat that seeps to the surface of the other's skin, painting him in shades of pink and red all the way to the tips of his ears, and it's so damned endearing that he can only have been entirely, one hundred percent honest with the admission of how cute he is when he talks science. it's distracting, in a way that has his stomach twisting pleasantly with it, giving a brief little flip-flop before it settles again and he pulls his eyes away from that wistful upward gaze.

but not before –
) Really? Nice to know I popped that cherry, then. ( dean don't ruin it. don't you dare.

but then he listens to the follow-up, everything that gives him away as someone that doesn't belong on this earth so much as above it, among those stars he covets, respects so much. it has him turning to look at him again, eyes softened around the edges as he regards him curiously, almost as though he were another being entirely.

I don't think I've ever heard anybody that way about … hell, anything. ( he shakes his head. ) You're somethin' else, man. All that passion you've got in you. ( there's a pause, and he chews thoughtfully on the inside of his bottom lip. )

Sam would miss you if you ever got to go through with it, y'know. ( which, of course, is an offhand way of saying that he would, too – but you'll never catch him saying something like that out loud. )

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( generally speaking, it's something that he should have grown out of at a much earlier age; but some things stick around even when everything else dissipates, and old habits die hard, so even if the natural flirtation is front and center most of the time, there are other little nuances that make their way into his mannerisms, things that might go unnoticed unless you know what you're looking for.

still, he's never been beyond chasing down what he wants, generally having more fun with the chase itself to allow it to go any other way – and if he's perfectly honest with himself, this whole playing coy thing he thinks he's getting going with cas is far more amusing than he'd thought it would be, especially considering he's pretty sure the guy has no idea at fucking all what's going through his head. that he's even remotely doing and saying certain things on purpose instead of playing them off as a simple slip of the tongue or a shift in a brain-to-mouth filter that doesn't even really exist.

dean winchester might not be the greatest at relationships, or even thinking about them, but some things are worth checking out even if they don't work out in the long run, and cas … for all his pining, his nerdery, his passion, it's worth at least poking around and testing the waters to see what it gets him.

he stretches idly, reaching for the beer can between them and purposely-but-accidentally brushing the tips of his fingers against the other's as he picks it up and drains it of what remains of its contents. he's sure he'll get another look for having done so, and he's looking forward to it, because it's just one more thing that endears castiel to him in the smaller scheme of things.
) How come?

( he keeps his gaze leveled on the solemnity of the other's expression, genuinely interested in what response he might get in explanation. if he's been reaching for the stars for so long, why be convinced that that dream won't ever be actualized? why try at all if that's the case? )

I mean, not that it's the worst thing to keep both feet on the ground. ( coming from someone that hates flying, well. that doesn't even count. ) But it kinda seems like a waste, y'know?

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