Date: 16 Apr 2016 01:08 (UTC)
heavenonearth: ([end] .15)
[ cas has done what he can to keep his distance. he knows dean, knows how closed he can be, how he needs time to come to terms with change and newness and if this isn't change and newness he doesn't know what is. their lives have been turned upside down, and even being here for months cas is barely holding it together, burying all the things he should be working through instead of addressing them. but he's trying. little by little, he's sorting it through.

so he gives dean his space. he's always available, always ready, always glad to drag dean into the distractions he might need but he's sure not to ask too much of him, waits for dean to come to him as he always does.

the call wakes him from a nap, and cas groans, but picks it up anyway, yawning rudely right into the feed. ]

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