Date: 16 Apr 2016 01:19 (UTC)
kickingand: (pic#10146201)
From: [personal profile] kickingand
[ Dean isn't even remotely sure how he feels about addressing anything. Talking is still something of a threat, something that implies a certain level of reality he can no longer face on a daily basis. But he's willing to admit that he's out of his element here and it shows, blindingly so, in the way he doesn't know how to navigate things anymore without feeling as if he's going the throttle the majority of the world for looking at him the wrong way.

Not even remotely surprised that he woke Cas up, Dean distantly thinks that he would nearly pay for the ability to sleep without ingesting heinous quantities of liquor, but he waits a moment, remaining particularly silent until Cas is done with his yawn.

I woke you up.

[ Does he feel bad about that? Nnnooope. ]
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