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Date: 12 Feb 2016 03:14 (UTC)
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Guess who got shuffled like a stack of bent cards?


So how's it going on that whiskey you owe me, Cas?

Date: 12 Feb 2016 03:56 (UTC)
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Windrose. What the hell is a windrose? A perfumed fart?

Date: 12 Feb 2016 04:21 (UTC)
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Pretty sure yeah

[ Not completely sure, because he hasn't found the guts to actually leave the ship yet. But, uh, that's what his shipmates have been telling him, yeah. ]

Date: 12 Feb 2016 04:32 (UTC)
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Of course you're coming here. You kidding?

[ Because Dean, maybe, is scared of leaving. But like hell he'd admit it. ]

If you think I'm carrying sandwiches around in my pockets for a walk out on the space station, you're nuts.

Date: 12 Feb 2016 04:46 (UTC)
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[ "Little buddy" ? Jesus, Dean's regretting this already. And who the hell knows how long it'll even take Cas to get wherever he is to the ship. Probably depends how much weed he had in his pockets when he got here and if he's smoked it all yet.

This is a mistake. But then, really, so is most of Dean's life.

He waits in the kitchen of the Windrose, with the sandwiches on the counter next to all the pieces of the gun (or phaser or whatever it is) he's reassembling. ]

Date: 12 Feb 2016 05:55 (UTC)
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[ Must be weird in a hundred ways for Cas, sure. But Dean's used to Cas being independent, always doing his own thing. Going days or even weeks without seeing him's no big deal, with only some exceptions. On a place like this? He's not worried about him.

Although, admittedly, he worries more about this version of Cas, the human one, for a whole mess of reasons. So he's actually surprised when Cas shows up, and glad to see he's still doing alright out of his element. (But of course he is. Even human, even stoned, even at the end of the world, Cas is Cas.)

Which, uh, makes the pizza joke a little weird. But this Cas probably doesn't even know about that euphemism, right?

Dean turns from the gun(?), smiling. ]

Why, you bring one? I wouldn't say no, but if you didn't bring something with alcohol in it... No ante, no dice, pal.

[ He leans on the counter, blocking Cas's view of the PB&J for emphasis. Of course, Dean's just joking around, would give it to him anyway, even for free. But man, he could really use a drink. His mouth's all but watering just thinking about it. ]

Date: 12 Feb 2016 16:43 (UTC)
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[ Yeah, because an unlabeled bottle isn't at all suspicious. Dean eyes it critically from where he's leaning on the counter.... But lucky for Cas, he's desperate. Just thinking about this cramped, clunky old thing shooting off into space is enough to get his stomach churning, and he needs a drink of something, anything, bad. So yeah, he'll take, label or not.

He stands, and sits, chair tilted back, at one side of the counter, kicking out the chair opposite for Cas to join him and claim his prize. ]

I don't want to hear it from the guy extorting his friends for PB and J.

[ The phaser's almost back to being in one piece, so Dean slots the last couple together while Cas gets settled, eyes on his work. See? He's not desperate for what's in that bottle Cas brought. He's totally cool with this whole adventure through space. Absolutely. ]

Date: 13 Feb 2016 05:25 (UTC)
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Yeah, well... [ He trails off, looking down at the bottle as he picks it up off the table, then admits. ] You're right. Probably should've.

Truth is, I'm not so good at flying.

[ He says, even though Cas already knows it, and Dean knows he does, from what he'd said before. But that's where he's got to start before he can get to the next part. He unscrews the top of the bottle, but just holds it in his hands, flipping the lid in circles between two fingers. ]

...I'm not taking it so well.

[ He pauses there, means to go on about it, but in the end he leaves it at that, and just takes a sip right from the bottle instead. He smacks his lips after and finally looks up at Cas again, tilting the bottle and his chin up in acknowledgment. ]

Thanks. Soon as I find out what counts for cash around here, I'll pay you for the bottle.

Date: 15 Feb 2016 20:55 (UTC)
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[ Dean finally looks up at the sound of a lighter, sees the cigarette and is surprised it's not something stronger. ]


[ He lies, fully intending to pay Cas back in cash, or a bottle of something else, or anything worth more than a couple sandwiches, soon as he's able to get outside and earn some cash. In the meantime... There's nothing else to do. He drinks from the bottle quietly, and takes his comfort from Cas's presence, even if it's different from what it should be. He may be from the end of their world, but it was still their world, and Cas still feels like home. ]

You doing okay?

[ He finally asks, head still titled down a little but eyes up. With the whole space-reality-TV-show, he means. But also with seeing him, and Sam, and Castiel. And everything. There are a lot of feelings worse than a mostly irrational fear of flying, Dean knows. ]

It ain't Kansas.

Date: 21 Feb 2016 23:20 (UTC)
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[ Dean answers, watching Cas carefully, remembering those three days he spent in that version of 2014 like a bad dream made real. Eventually, he looks down and keeps going. ]

You know... I don't know if Sam told you, or if anybody did... After, uh, the whole thing with Zachariah.. I went back to '09, and I called Sam. And we fixed things. Me and Sam, and you... The uh... The angel you. And Bobby, and Jo and Ellen...

[ He trails off for a second at the thought before resuming the story, and finally looking up again. ]

The apocalypse never happened. The virus never got released. Sam said yes to Lucifer, and he dragged his ass, along with Michael, back into the cage.

[ It wasn't exactly a best-case scenario, and they lost a hell of a lot doing it. But they saved the world. That place this Cas remembers never happened, and that's a lot.

Dean finally sets the whiskey bottle back on the table and slides it over to Cas with the last few words. ]

We did alright.