Date: 21 Feb 2016 23:20 (UTC)
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[ Dean answers, watching Cas carefully, remembering those three days he spent in that version of 2014 like a bad dream made real. Eventually, he looks down and keeps going. ]

You know... I don't know if Sam told you, or if anybody did... After, uh, the whole thing with Zachariah.. I went back to '09, and I called Sam. And we fixed things. Me and Sam, and you... The uh... The angel you. And Bobby, and Jo and Ellen...

[ He trails off for a second at the thought before resuming the story, and finally looking up again. ]

The apocalypse never happened. The virus never got released. Sam said yes to Lucifer, and he dragged his ass, along with Michael, back into the cage.

[ It wasn't exactly a best-case scenario, and they lost a hell of a lot doing it. But they saved the world. That place this Cas remembers never happened, and that's a lot.

Dean finally sets the whiskey bottle back on the table and slides it over to Cas with the last few words. ]

We did alright.