text (backdated to the 7th)

Date: 12 Feb 2016 03:14 (UTC)
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Guess who got shuffled like a stack of bent cards?


So how's it going on that whiskey you owe me, Cas?

[okay this is probably backdated shh]

Date: 13 Mar 2016 04:20 (UTC)
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[It takes Sam a little calming time, after what happened. It was a lot to take in -- just... you know. All of that. Yeah. Anyway, he's been feeling like a complete and utter dog for what he did to Castiel... so he needs to say something. Needs to make it right.]

Hey, uh. Cas? I just... wanted to apologize again.

Seriously, I. That was a shitty thing I did. I was freaked out and I wasn't thinking.

Date: 15 Apr 2016 19:50 (UTC)
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[ Dean's coping mechanisms have sufficiently run dry; he can only beat the snot out of so many people and have the same done to him before it gets old. And really, there is not enough damn whiskey in the world to make him come close to feeling okay anymore. He's tired of the bars and he's tired of the toxic air and he's tired of being on a ship all by his goddamn lonesome.

So yeah, okay, he's waving his little white flag. He needs help. He needs you. ]


Date: 21 Apr 2016 06:56 (UTC)
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Sorry to contact you out of the blue. I was wondering, do you have a moment to talk?

voice. (the night of the masquerade)

Date: 30 Apr 2016 00:03 (UTC)
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[He was gonna send a text, but it's easier with his shitty arm to just talk through it; painkillers are doing wonders for him tonight. The tonight in which Sam totally won't bother informing Cas of Dean and his little... unfortunate meeting.

Nah, he actually just wants to make sure Cas is okay.]

Hey, I'm hitting the hay for the night. Dean's sticking in your room, just FYI.


And please don't answer this if you're in the middle of something raunchy.

Date: 30 Apr 2016 03:47 (UTC)
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[ Getting hustled over to the Red Fish could not come fast enough, though really, he'd practically moved onto the ship already. He just hadn't overtaken the empty room yet with his things so much as he'd invaded all of Cas' space... Save for the days since the Masquerade where he'd been particularly avoidy and even less sure of what to do with himself. Not that he was unaware of the fact that that was entirely his fault. Not being on the ship had left things twice as uncomfortable, his time too open ended.

But now here he was.

It wasn't as if he had a heap of crap to carry around with him. The bunks in the Caprine hadn't left a lot of room for extra bullshit, and save for what he could keep on him, his terrifying mask and some hefty booze, Dean didn't have anything much to cart around. Not that he was big on earthly possessions to begin with.

Making his way down through the crew's quarters, Dean strode past Cas' door, only pausing momentarily to knock the bottom of the bottle he held against it in greeting - in case Cas was there at all - before he carried on the rest of the way to his room. His room. That was almost comical, wasn't it. Upon arrival, Dean toppled his things rather unceremoniously onto the bed before he turned and sat gently on the edge of the mattress. Okay, yeah. This would work.


Date: 24 Jun 2016 23:33 (UTC)
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Castiel, I'm going hunting on the planet! Do you like jerky, would you like any?