Date: 16 Mar 2016 09:40 (UTC)
kickingand: (pic#10039951)
From: [personal profile] kickingand
I WILL TRY!! LMAO cas you're not supposed to get him THAT wasted okay geez. though if anyone could convince dean to love 2014 it would be cas.... through love and drugs pff. and yessss def, guilt ridden boning is always wonderful. i'm not entirely sure when the exact timeline for that one could work, it might require mooshing around some events. or we could be lame and dean could stumble upon him in biggersons or something I'M NOT SURE.

and look sob i will always pick both if you're amenable!! i will even sway you by saying i'm totally happy to write starters, i just need a place to put them..
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