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I GUESS this is a catch all post for concrit and ooc contact and etc.. i enjoy meeting people and rping all sorts of things so yes please feel free to approach!!

oh and also a kink list would be helpful too eh
and some contact info: [plurk.com profile] owlcoholic, [tumblr.com profile] vosmaeri, mischieving @ aim

as an aside i'm updated through season 11, i am happy to ship most all of the ships, but gen is good too. tbh i'm open to pretty much almost any scenario you can think of so feel free to throw any prompt my way in memes/psls/what have you and i'll be happy to work with you.

Date: 4 Dec 2015 22:13 (UTC)
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Wow diabolical now I'm going to question everything this is pure rudeness

BUT YES GOOD I LIKE IT would you want to do something like, he tracks John down while John is in the middle of some job (monster of the week type business), and then he gets roped into helping? Sorta action/adventure/whatever. Or more of a relaxed type of thread with hanging out/talking/wherein John just plain obnoxious and making Cas regret everything about humans even more to start out with?

Date: 5 Dec 2015 00:23 (UTC)
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I am down for this ok, I can write a starter in my open post or is there somewhere else you'd prefer to play out threads?

Date: 5 Dec 2015 06:24 (UTC)
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Whoops sorry this took so long! I figure Cas could find him in the church. Tell me if you need anything changed?