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I GUESS this is a catch all post for concrit and ooc contact and etc.. i enjoy meeting people and rping all sorts of things so yes please feel free to approach!!

oh and also a kink list would be helpful too eh
and some contact info: [plurk.com profile] owlcoholic, [tumblr.com profile] vosmaeri, mischieving @ aim

as an aside i'm updated through season 11, i am happy to ship most all of the ships, but gen is good too. tbh i'm open to pretty much almost any scenario you can think of so feel free to throw any prompt my way in memes/psls/what have you and i'll be happy to work with you.

Date: 4 Dec 2015 10:09 (UTC)
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HELLO YES I am here for more angel harassing which is John's favorite pastime (i don't have a plurk or anything sorry you are stuck with me here instead)

Date: 16 Mar 2016 03:29 (UTC)
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HI HI look at me coming out of left field

i was wonderiiing if you might maybe be interested in doing a thing with dean. which i know is really awesome and vague of me. but you play au cas and i'm TOTALLY INTERESTED. tho really i'm just interested in cas and dean things in general. i'm hideous and i love the purgatory and mark arcs too but.

i have definitely not gotten enough of an opportunity to play au things.