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ive probably missed a bunch because i procrastinate too much curse my laziness!! also icons broken in a bunch of them because i forgot to click rename keywords whoops. if i've forgotten a thread and you've got a link to it feel free to let me know!

tfln 9/25 (road, crowley, sam)
drunk meme 9/29 (dean)
picture prompt 9/30 (sam, dean)
morning after 10/1 (dean, gabriel)
text meme 10/2 (dean, bucky)
text meme 10/4 (dean x2, anna)
tfln 10/9 (deanx2, crowley)
tfln 10/9 (sam)
wall meme 10/11 (sam)
random scenario 10/11 (dave)
sext meme 10/13 (dean, lucifer)
reunion meme 10/16 (dean)
tfln (sam, deanx3) and this nonsense
h/c smut 10/17 (dean)
hogwarts 10/19 (dean)
tfln 10/23 (sam) more sam and a side of dean
sexswap 10/28 (dean)
tfln 10/30 (sam, lucy,tessa)
picture prompt 11/03 (dean) and gadreel
tfln 11/06 (sam, idk deans, anna)
future angst 11/10 (deans)
hs au 11/13 (dean)
tfln 11/13
mistletoe 11/30 (john constantine, dean)